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Fri, Jan. 27th, 2006, 04:19 pm
terminafairy: Attention all RPers!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be the final post that will wrap up the Valafar storyline. From this point on, there will be a brand new storyline canon to [Unknown LJ tag]anaterasu</lj> is developing. The new plot will have more new characters, plus the old Silent Hill characters. (I will be making a post after this one that summarizes the previous storyline, and explains the new one).



"I don't see why you're dragging me out here," Christa complained as she was being led to the church's basement floor. It was already bad enough that she was pretty much demoted after that demon decided to possess her body. Vincent and Claudia were leading the way, Claudia being strangely silent.

"The cult leaders are getting rather fed up with that demon living inside you. We can't remove it by force alone, but we do know someone who can eliminate that problem," said Vincent.

"Who?" Christa asked. Claudia and Vincent stopped in front of an old-looking door, and Christa nearly walked into them.

"We're here," said Claudia. Funny, Christa couldn't seem to recognize this part of the church. What exactly were they planning to do?

The door opened with an eerie creak and the trio stepped into a dim room. The room was surrounded by mirrors, and a large red symbol was painted on the floor. Christa recognized it immediately and took a step back.

"Come forward, girl. You have nothing to fear," an unfamiliar voice called out. Christa nodded silently, and walked to the center of the room. From the shadows came an old woman, who she didn't recognize. She was frightening, wearing old-looking clothes and a veil.

"So this is the one?" she asked.

"Yes, lady Dahlia," Vincent said.

'Dahlia?! Wait, that couldn't be...' Christa thought.

"I heard your body was taken over by a demon called Valafar. It was very foolish of you to release him, girl. Although I can't remove him from you, I can seal him instead," Dahlia said.

"Wait, so this thing's going to be sealed inside me for the rest of my life?" Christa asked.


"Oh," Christa replied gloomily.

"Now shut up, the ritual will begin now," Dahlia said. She stood in front of the red symbol, known as the mark of Samael. She began chanting, the symbol beginning to glow as she did. As the chanting grew louder, she felt a sudden sharp pain in her chest. Valafar was trying to escape.

The pain increased, and she dropped to her knees clutching her chest. Valafar's cries were ringing in her ears.

Then the chanting stopped, and she slumped the floor unconsious. There were large claw marks on the floor.

"It has been done," said Dahlia, pleased.

(New story yay!)